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Website Terms of Use

We're here to help.  At Dorrington Poole we pride ourselves on commitment to exceptional service and outstanding client relationships. Please find below a list of terms and statements regarding use of our website and its services.

Terms of Use

The following statements and terms are for use of the Dorrington Poole website. By continued use of this website you agree to be bound by these terms:

  • This website provides an overview of the Dorrington Poole firm. This information is for general understanding with some general legal information - we recommend you seek professional, legal advice with respect to your individual inquiries or circumstances. 
    Dorrington Poole will not be held accountable for any reliance on any information contained or accessed by you through our website.


  • The terms you are reading and hereby agree to are only relation to use of the Dorrington Poole website. When an individual enters a client/lawyer relationship within our firm you will be provided with a separate and full set of our terms and conditions which govern that relationship. Our terms of engagement policy can be requested from our office at any time.

  • From time to time we direct users via our blog or news articles to alternative websites for further research or acknowledgement of content. Dorrington Poole is not accountable for content or information from external parties outside of Dorrington Poole website when accessed through our site. These links are merely only provided if they are of potential interest to our readers.

  • Contacting Dorrington Poole through this website does not instigate a lawyer-client relationship. There are no obligations imposed on Dorrington Poole or any of its lawyers to commence direct contact with a client via an online inquiry. Any submissions from online forms are undertaken through a administrative process.

  • Any content on this website is copyright. Information within this website may be printed or downloaded for your own personal use. Alternative use of information on this page must require the permission of Dorrington Poole lawyers, and any information being copied, distributed or incorporated within material must be acknowledged appropriately.

  • This is a New Zealand based and created website and is subject to New Zealand law. All users submit to the jurisdiction of the New Zealand Courts while using.

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